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I took a bit of a hiatus due to tech problems–mainly the lack of a laptop. But there’s lots of issues going on in the world of PR and television!

I want to talk about a cautionary tale. Charlie Sheen.Winning. Ninja. Tiger blood. If you’re up with the crazy in current events. You know what I mean. “Two and a Half Men” has been cancelled due to a PR nightmare. Sheen’s downfall snowballed fueled by drama, drugs, alcohol and a sense of omnipotence has left many fans and employees out in the cold. From once highest paid actor to that warlock we love to hate…. I mean don’t get me wrong…this storm has chasers watching his every move. Just look at his record-breaking Twitter account. Just because people tune into his tour, social media and the like don’t mean he’ll ever be a paid actor in legitimate television or film in the near future.

Lessons to learn? Every part of every creative product/team especially television must be stable. When you have chaotic personalities involved in any project it’s risky. Monitoring and putting back-up safety plans in place can avoid a total, disappointing shutdown of an otherwise great thing!

UPDATE: Looks like Charlie’s been replaced with none other than funny man— Ashton Kutcher. Looks like Chuck Lorre doesn’t want to quit a beloved show just because the main actor cast went off the deep end!