”American Idol’ has been a ratings juggernaut for ‘six years’, but it was still no match for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Is it any wonder it did? I mean personally, I could care less about yet another American Idol ‘champion’. Someone who trains for years to represent their nation is definitely worth more in my book. But nonetheless, I didn’t hear anyone particularly talking at the water cooler about the Olympics, although it’s a global sporting and diplomatic event. So what type of PR exactly made either one of these shows stand out to get millions of viewers to watch day after day?

'American Idol' Judges This Season

For ‘American Idol’ the thrill is in how they tie the reality competition to making one’s dreams come true. Also a great publicity tactic is all the celebrity guest judges they have come on the show, like Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, this season. While this helps draw attention to the show in its later seasons, ‘Idol’ also uses off-season drama to maintain interest in the show. For example, all the judge changes from Paula Abdul to Simon. It being Simon’s last season as judge might be reason of its own for some people to tune into this season. It’s no wonder millions watch.

That being so… there’s a certain advantage to the Olympics seeing as it stole 12 million viewers who typically would watch ‘Idol’.

You Don't Want to Miss Once in a Lifetime Moments at Olympics 2010

Those PR people at the Olympics have it easy. Their job has been done for them years before. The Olympics is a worldly tradition, all they have to do is promote that it will be just as grand and epic as years before. The trouble with being a legendary event, is making sure things work out so public view of it doesn’t change. Over the years, this could be a problem, but monumental moments that naturally happen with champions, comebacks and underdogs, helps PR professionals with that as well.

So if you were wondering what to watch…. leave the serenading of ‘American Idol’ for another week, and follow the majority of Americans who helped the Olympics trump the previous Nielsen juggernaut.

What TV shows did you watch this week? Or were you one of the suckers watching ‘Lost’?


An edition of new MTV logo

We all know and have talked about it while watching such shows as “The Hills”, “Teen Mom”, and “Jersey Shore”. There is no music on MTV. 

Hence, why the team at MTV thought it a good idea to change the logo. Logos promote brands and are just one part of the marketing mix. The logo for MTV, promoting it as music television, just didn’t match the programming evolution the channel has gone through over the years. Integrated brand promotions had to be changed to keep a common theme along all aspects of promotion, as their programming has long been reality television and celebrities, ‘Music Television’ just doesn’t ring true . Now the new logo, while just cropping the ‘Music Television’ part out, also symbolises this evolution. 

This would be a great PR tactic to get the theme to read the same throughout promotion of the channel, if they didn’t try to do it so stealthily. While I agree, it’s a good move, I think they know as well as everyone else, it’s a cop-out. Instead of doing PR to market the new MTV they tried to quietly change the logo as to not think of the directions they’ve have gone to make money in this day and age of competitive television.  Although this strategy keeps brand promotion and content of the channel on the same page, they should market in a humorous way about “The New MTV”. Maybe come up with a new slogan not focused on the ‘music television’ aspect of the channel’s past. 

If they marketed this change in a positive, funny manner, poking fun of themselves it would probably resonate well with their target audience.  Maybe along with this new logo change, it would be a good idea to embrace the change without being so quiet about it to avoid backlash from those who grew up in the classic video music days. Promotional commercials flouting the succesful teen reality shows along with their classic award shows showing the new logo minus the ‘Music Television’ would be a breath of fresh honesty to their audience. 

Still while their target is a young market, they aren’t stupid and will continue to notice and talk about the lack of music. MTV still is the name of the channel after all, and stands for “music television” whether on the logo or not.

I watched ‘Lost’ last night. After the hour-long recap, I thought I was ready to solve the mystery.

I’m sure many viewers, 12.1 million to be exact, agree with me in that it added so much more with its parallel world plotline.

Promotional Picture for Final Season of Lost from ABC

The type of coverage the show cost could be good publicity or PR people. Commercials and promotions for the premiere no doubt helped. Whoever is in charge of the website featuring a unique Lost University idea which schools you on a show where if you miss an episode you are in fact lost, is genius! It also no doubt helps that every full episode is available on the website as well. This promotional tactic allows new fans ( after a great deal of time, watching numerous episodes), to be born everyday. In fact, I know numerous people who watched the whole series, just in time for the premiere.

 The emotional promotions for the season premiere are key and very influential. Making everyone wish they were a part of the experience before it’s over!

While there was a lot of coverage of the premiere, it didn’t change the fact that fan favorites like  ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘CSI:NY’ beat it in the ratings. Maybe the die-hard fans aren’t enough.The public relations people should try to go for more than the current target market. These shows have a wider range as older people have longer attention spans to watch their crime-solving favorites. They also let their family, younger viewers, watch what they are. Maybe trying to market to an older audience or wider one would help them beat those shows.  

Maybe if they would have done that earlier in the series, they would have been top dog in ratings! As it is, it did well. Let’s see if the last season can continue to have ‘Lost’ go out with a bang.

A once quirky, and loved show bites the dust as ABC announces the cancellation of Ugly Betty

According to the lovely ladies at Hollyscoop, an entertainment blog, this order of events comes at a surprise.  This  season will be its final. Credited from ABC

For all you Ugly Betty Fans, like myself, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has changed time slots numerous times which is always a telltale sign, along with fewer big name guest stars, and character changes. Never fear, as the finale promises to be a good one!

Could this have been averted with some better public relations efforts? Perhaps among all the time and day changes along with the story line, better promotion could have been used.  Whenever a show changes time slots, if the network still wants the show to succeed some great promotion is needed to spread the word to keep fanbase glued to their seats and actually watch.

Perhaps instead of concentrating on just showing funny commercials for new shows, part of the budget should have been used for Ugly Betty. Funny clips showing the antics of the new season of beloved characters like Wilhelmina Slater or Marc St. James would have gotten more attention than the short spots showcasing no new aspects of the fifth season and briefly stating the new time slot.

Nevertheless, these great actors can find a new place to showcase their talents as the show bids its viewers, farewell.

Your thoughts?