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Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Welcome to my new online portfolio blog. Below is a countdown to some of my favorite advertising campaigns with analysis from 2011. On my other pages on the blog, you will find a sample film kit I did, a page with work samples including  my resume and a page with more information about me. For more information feel free to e-mail me at!


We all know the iPhone was revolutionary and changed the mobile device market forever. We also thought nothing would top it’s sales. However, Android has conquered the smart phone market and it is thanks to more than just awesome phones. Starting off from myserious ad campaign to more specific ads the campaign to get Android up to the top had been a battle that didn’t come cheap–and it shows.

Verizon Used Viral Online Advertising

The mantra, “Droid Does” conveyed it’s possibilities and showed features taking on the iPhone head on. This aggressive marketing strategy worked out for the company and shows taking risks in a competitive market is a must to gain brand reputation. From traditional television and print advertisements to interactive online content they saturated the market with all droid could do. It works for me. I love my Motorola Droid 😉

Everyone knows it’s Google’s time. They pretty much are one of the biggest powerhouses in the world and yet they still can go viral in their new browser’s viral video campaign– Google Chrome: Speed Tests. They test the speed of their latest version of the browser against various, outlandish things from potato rockets to explosives.

While other companies try to capitalize on Google’s hold on the search market, the company just keeps doing more. That’s no exception to their new browser. One of the reasons the brand does so well is it’s not afraid to be different and funny. The new campaign embodies this perfectly. They use traditional and digital media channels to spread and the audience takes notice. They’ve continued the trend by making a fun, addicting Google Chrome: Bounce Ball game.

If any movie making powerhouses can master creating buzz and suspense for an upcoming movie it’s Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams. They made such a thing viral with the new ad campaign for the upcoming summer movie, ‘Super 8’ with a playable trailer in the just released ‘Portal 2’ video game. Besides unveiling sneak peeks of the movie at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards they’ve utilized a growing channel– video games.

While I’m not a huge gamer, I know enough to keep up with the anticipated titles. One of these is Valve’s “Portal 2”. What’s getting people is the level of detail and engagement with the ad. It’s a ‘Super 8’ themed level in the game which garners a whole new branch of ad-generated content!

Just released and highly anticipated 'Portal 2'

The best part is it takes advantage of the higher engagement and interactive levels the audience wants with advertisers. If they can control and pick an outcome, it’s usually always better and more fun! Besides, who doesn’t like a combination of what looks like an awesome movie and and awesome video game? I like how it pushes the envelope to product/brand placement by blurring the line of content and advertisement. If you can play a trailer shown as an ad in a game…what’s next?

I don’t usually pay attention to print or traditional outdoor advertising but Optics Schilling has gotten attention for their simple but memorable campaign. Their ads really convey to the senses their mantra and brand purpose: “See Better”.

Optics Schilling Can Make Anyone or Anything See Everything Better in New Ad Campaign

They show that the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) saying in communication and advertising to the audience is true. They show creative ways to convey their brand benefits and people in the ad world have taken notice. It’s important not to forget traditional media and simplicity in a time where glitz, special effects and digital seem like all the rage. I try to remember all areas of advertising can be explored and sometimes traditional is better.

Thanks to DDB Stockholm, McDonald’s created one of the best interactive games via an outdoor, digital billboard and mobile technology. What’s awesome about this game pedestrians play to win free food? No need to download an application on your smart phone with the use of geolocation technology. Their Pick’N’Play game is an innovative one that must be a predecessor to future promotional games. While Europe, is far more advanced in the interactive and digital advertising market than us back in the states it makes you wonder how technology can really change the game of promotional campaigns.

McDonald's Pick'N'Play Digital Billboard

I believe interactive ads like this must be fun and so  are the future of advertising. I like to follow new age interactive campaigns like this. The more you know, the easier it is for you to think of your own creative way to use technology tailored to your brand, your target audience and your resources. However the best part is the promotion drives actual traffic to the store– so it helps the bottom line.

Any interactive ad campaign can’t just be a company selling it’s products. Leo Burnett Chicago’s campaign for Altoids centered around a Facebook app that rewards your friends with ‘Altoid’s Curiously Strong Awards’ encompasses everything that’s fun about brands and customers in the interactive realm. It doesn’t hurt that the song is catchy and too hilarious for words.

Altoid’s slogan for “Celebrating Authenticity” is fun and empowers the consumer. In today’s age where your public is almost in control of every media channel that’s the best way to get them to opt in to your message and hopefully in the end– your product. People don’t buy brands just for the product benefits– they want to buy from brands that mirror what they see their own personality to say to the world. Let’s face it, one of the best ways we control our personal brands is via our Facebook or other social media pages. If the popularity of Farmville and like apps is any indication people also love to play games with their friends. Altoid’s is taking advantage of this in the best possible way! I can’t wait to award my friends for their funny facebook tendencies.

Which award should you get? Your friends?

Vote for your friends in Altoid's Curiously Strong Awards