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Connie Britton (Rayna James) and Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes), Stars of ABC’s Nashville

A few weeks into this new fall TV lineup has served up various winners and losers, lucky for ABC, they have some juicy offerings holding key audience attention. One of my favorites is the new hit country drama, ‘Nashville’, starring Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.

The combination of original, catchy tunes with rich personal dramas and a subplot of political intrigue in the Music City has helped make it one of fall’s hottest shows. However, I can’t help but love the last few episodes’ concentration on spin and publicity for the show’s entertaining divas who have attitude and give their advisers little room to help their careers.

Rayna, yesterday’s icon, refuses to lower herself to co-headlining a tour with newcomer Juliette, doing a greatest hits album and ruins an intimate tour over a love triangle. All these roadblocks are undoubtedly becoming increasingly difficult to bypass for her team of managers and confidantes. Britton’s character is a great example of how some clients, especially those with long established success that’s hit a snag in this changing world, can be hard to guide back to the road of relevance. Rayna’s past success and high sense of self gives her a dignity that makes it hard to compromise even when it comes to the future of her career. She’s in a new world of music that’s touched country and every other genre like wildfire, catchy is good while richer, harder to digest music sometimes can take a backseat.

If you think Rayna James’ difficulties in reviving her career doesn’t show how hard it is to be a publicist in the music world then Juliette Barnes is a land mine waiting to happen.  Barnes’ personal life clashes against her brand that sells like hotcakes to teens and their parents. While her seductress, go-getter style behind closed doors has gotten her thus far without being revealed, other aspects of her life ranging from a smartphone video of her sticky fingers gone viral to an addicted mother dragging out her roots are reshaping her public image and brand. This brand turn around has startling consequences for the young crooner including a sinking tour, retracted endorsements and cut appearances. Refusing to listen to her manager or publicist during media training, she makes things even worse by appearing unapologetic, indignant and entitled during an exclusive interview meant to save her career, instead, drowning her career even more.  Juliette utters a common mantra, “Any publicity is good publicity, at least they’re talking about me”. This common myth is the downfall of many who eclipse their previous good name with one wrong move turning into talk show fodder and not much else. On the flip side, people love seeing a comeback and her team is working hard on press releases to show a hard working young woman, using this time to get back to the studio. Will it be enough to save a rising star from falling hard?

Cast of ‘Nashville’


Watch  ‘Nashville’ to find out what happens to both country divas and see how PR people hard at work to save their brands in the dog eat dog world of the Music City, Wednesday nights on ABC.