‘Super 8’ Opens ‘Portal’ to Viral Videos for Movies (#3)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

If any movie making powerhouses can master creating buzz and suspense for an upcoming movie it’s Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams. They made such a thing viral with the new ad campaign for the upcoming summer movie, ‘Super 8’ with a playable trailer in the just released ‘Portal 2’ video game. Besides unveiling sneak peeks of the movie at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards they’ve utilized a growing channel– video games.

While I’m not a huge gamer, I know enough to keep up with the anticipated titles. One of these is Valve’s “Portal 2”. What’s getting people is the level of detail and engagement with the ad. It’s a ‘Super 8’ themed level in the game which garners a whole new branch of ad-generated content!

Just released and highly anticipated 'Portal 2'

The best part is it takes advantage of the higher engagement and interactive levels the audience wants with advertisers. If they can control and pick an outcome, it’s usually always better and more fun! Besides, who doesn’t like a combination of what looks like an awesome movie and and awesome video game? I like how it pushes the envelope to product/brand placement by blurring the line of content and advertisement. If you can play a trailer shown as an ad in a game…what’s next?


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