Like a Good Neighbor…Can I Get More Statefarm? (#9)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I’m sure you’ve heard people utter the unforgettable quote, “and can I get a hot tub?!” but what else is it about the new Statefarm Auto Insurance commercials that just resonate with people and remain in their heads?


I think these commercials are driving more automobile insurance companies and other brands to think simple and funny which is something fun any communications student would love to be a creative part of in the industry. Various plays on the magic jingle commercials can be seen even ones featuring King  Lebron James. All these ads are creating a buzz coupled with the Statefarm Agent site creating publicity for the insurance brand. I mean they are even teaming up with Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’ to promote it. That’s fun insurance. Time will only tell if this trend with fun ads for insurance will help their ROI but if Flo from Progressive or Allstate’s Mayhem is any indication–I think it will.

Lebron James in State Farm Commercial

For me, it’s the humor. If anything breaks through the clutter flying out at various publics then it’s a commercial that makes you laugh! Not only does the ad reiterate the jingle of the insurance company but it also plays on the funniest parts of lives guiding away from the fear of car accidents to the laughs of every day life with their ‘Magic Jingle commercials’. If only our neighbors were always there in an emergency, making us laugh.


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