Foxy Ads Keep Armani Exclusive & Hot (# 10)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

So the countdown to my favorite advertising campaigns begins with Megan Fox’s return to the role of leading, resident hottie in her sexy new Armani ad campaign .

From print ads on buses to commercials she’s rocking their jeans & undies in a way few can. What I love about this is it’s just as much for her publicity (as well as designer pocketbook) as for the sexiness and risque factor Armani ads are known for.

Megan Fox in Armani

Think back to the sexy Victoria & David Beckham ads that pushed the envelope. Armani is selling sex—which works for some luxury, designer brands. But what more they are selling impeccable perfection with it by selecting people with the bone structures and genes many would kill for. People buy the brands to feel and identify with this perfection–if only for a moment.

Victoria and David Beckham for Armani

As far as Megan Fox her rise to a household name from the ‘Transformers’ franchise was damaged when due to conflict of creative interests and some comments led her to being fired. How better to stay one of the sexiest celebrities in the world other than becoming the face and body of one of the sexiest, esteemed brands out there— Armani.

Megan Fox as leading lady in Michael Bay's "Transformers"

It’s a win, win if you ask me. Armani keeps their elite and beautiful image while Megan Fox keeps her foxy one in the hearts of men- and women everywhere. Perfect alliance of celebrity endorsed image to brand reputation and target public!


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