Ads for Good– Toyota Boosts Rep Right (# 7)

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Everyone knows Toyota has had a rough few years. As on of the top car brands that reaches a large audience with it’s selection their top features– safety took a hit. Now, they’re building up their good rep again with their “Ideas for Good” campaign.

In this campaign they tout their innovative technology and how they selflessly used it to help society as a whole. While this deals with community relations it also is a great way to beef up their branding after a crisis. This ad campaign coupled with community outreach like their ‘100 Cars for Good’ promotion and social media like Facebook can reinvigorate their brand image to the mass public through various digital and traditional channels. The best part is they are doing it using two-way communication by allowing customers to post ideas for Toyota technology and how it can help the community.

As a volunteer junkie, any company that tries to build their image with just commercials doesn’t matter much. However, getting out  in the community and using their brand and products to reach out shows effort and definitely deserves a second chance.


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