Only ‘Olympics’ Can Beat ‘American Idol’

Posted: February 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

”American Idol’ has been a ratings juggernaut for ‘six years’, but it was still no match for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Is it any wonder it did? I mean personally, I could care less about yet another American Idol ‘champion’. Someone who trains for years to represent their nation is definitely worth more in my book. But nonetheless, I didn’t hear anyone particularly talking at the water cooler about the Olympics, although it’s a global sporting and diplomatic event. So what type of PR exactly made either one of these shows stand out to get millions of viewers to watch day after day?

'American Idol' Judges This Season

For ‘American Idol’ the thrill is in how they tie the reality competition to making one’s dreams come true. Also a great publicity tactic is all the celebrity guest judges they have come on the show, like Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne, this season. While this helps draw attention to the show in its later seasons, ‘Idol’ also uses off-season drama to maintain interest in the show. For example, all the judge changes from Paula Abdul to Simon. It being Simon’s last season as judge might be reason of its own for some people to tune into this season. It’s no wonder millions watch.

That being so… there’s a certain advantage to the Olympics seeing as it stole 12 million viewers who typically would watch ‘Idol’.

You Don't Want to Miss Once in a Lifetime Moments at Olympics 2010

Those PR people at the Olympics have it easy. Their job has been done for them years before. The Olympics is a worldly tradition, all they have to do is promote that it will be just as grand and epic as years before. The trouble with being a legendary event, is making sure things work out so public view of it doesn’t change. Over the years, this could be a problem, but monumental moments that naturally happen with champions, comebacks and underdogs, helps PR professionals with that as well.

So if you were wondering what to watch…. leave the serenading of ‘American Idol’ for another week, and follow the majority of Americans who helped the Olympics trump the previous Nielsen juggernaut.

What TV shows did you watch this week? Or were you one of the suckers watching ‘Lost’?


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