Finally MTV Drops the Act and The ‘Music Television’!

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

An edition of new MTV logo

We all know and have talked about it while watching such shows as “The Hills”, “Teen Mom”, and “Jersey Shore”. There is no music on MTV. 

Hence, why the team at MTV thought it a good idea to change the logo. Logos promote brands and are just one part of the marketing mix. The logo for MTV, promoting it as music television, just didn’t match the programming evolution the channel has gone through over the years. Integrated brand promotions had to be changed to keep a common theme along all aspects of promotion, as their programming has long been reality television and celebrities, ‘Music Television’ just doesn’t ring true . Now the new logo, while just cropping the ‘Music Television’ part out, also symbolises this evolution. 

This would be a great PR tactic to get the theme to read the same throughout promotion of the channel, if they didn’t try to do it so stealthily. While I agree, it’s a good move, I think they know as well as everyone else, it’s a cop-out. Instead of doing PR to market the new MTV they tried to quietly change the logo as to not think of the directions they’ve have gone to make money in this day and age of competitive television.  Although this strategy keeps brand promotion and content of the channel on the same page, they should market in a humorous way about “The New MTV”. Maybe come up with a new slogan not focused on the ‘music television’ aspect of the channel’s past. 

If they marketed this change in a positive, funny manner, poking fun of themselves it would probably resonate well with their target audience.  Maybe along with this new logo change, it would be a good idea to embrace the change without being so quiet about it to avoid backlash from those who grew up in the classic video music days. Promotional commercials flouting the succesful teen reality shows along with their classic award shows showing the new logo minus the ‘Music Television’ would be a breath of fresh honesty to their audience. 

Still while their target is a young market, they aren’t stupid and will continue to notice and talk about the lack of music. MTV still is the name of the channel after all, and stands for “music television” whether on the logo or not.


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