‘Lost’ Premiere: Good Coverage to the Beginning of the End?

Posted: February 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

I watched ‘Lost’ last night. After the hour-long recap, I thought I was ready to solve the mystery.

I’m sure many viewers, 12.1 million to be exact, agree with me in that it added so much more with its parallel world plotline.

Promotional Picture for Final Season of Lost from ABC

The type of coverage the show cost could be good publicity or PR people. Commercials and promotions for the premiere no doubt helped. Whoever is in charge of the website featuring a unique Lost University idea which schools you on a show where if you miss an episode you are in fact lost, is genius! It also no doubt helps that every full episode is available on the website as well. This promotional tactic allows new fans ( after a great deal of time, watching numerous episodes), to be born everyday. In fact, I know numerous people who watched the whole series, just in time for the premiere.

 The emotional promotions for the season premiere are key and very influential. Making everyone wish they were a part of the experience before it’s over!

While there was a lot of coverage of the premiere, it didn’t change the fact that fan favorites like  ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘CSI:NY’ beat it in the ratings. Maybe the die-hard fans aren’t enough.The public relations people should try to go for more than the current target market. These shows have a wider range as older people have longer attention spans to watch their crime-solving favorites. They also let their family, younger viewers, watch what they are. Maybe trying to market to an older audience or wider one would help them beat those shows.  

Maybe if they would have done that earlier in the series, they would have been top dog in ratings! As it is, it did well. Let’s see if the last season can continue to have ‘Lost’ go out with a bang.


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