Bye Bye Betty: A Little Less Ugly on Television

Posted: January 27, 2010 in television
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A once quirky, and loved show bites the dust as ABC announces the cancellation of Ugly Betty

According to the lovely ladies at Hollyscoop, an entertainment blog, this order of events comes at a surprise.  This  season will be its final. Credited from ABC

For all you Ugly Betty Fans, like myself, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. It has changed time slots numerous times which is always a telltale sign, along with fewer big name guest stars, and character changes. Never fear, as the finale promises to be a good one!

Could this have been averted with some better public relations efforts? Perhaps among all the time and day changes along with the story line, better promotion could have been used.  Whenever a show changes time slots, if the network still wants the show to succeed some great promotion is needed to spread the word to keep fanbase glued to their seats and actually watch.

Perhaps instead of concentrating on just showing funny commercials for new shows, part of the budget should have been used for Ugly Betty. Funny clips showing the antics of the new season of beloved characters like Wilhelmina Slater or Marc St. James would have gotten more attention than the short spots showcasing no new aspects of the fifth season and briefly stating the new time slot.

Nevertheless, these great actors can find a new place to showcase their talents as the show bids its viewers, farewell.

Your thoughts?


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